Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited

Ports and Cargo Handling Services is the port operations arm of SIFAX Group. The company is managed by a team of tested professionals, expatriates and Nigerians with proven track record of achievements; working with a cream of well trained and motivated staff to ensure that the goals of the organization are met./p>

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Our aim is to enhance and consolidate our position as a leader in global port operations and related services in the West African coast. With efficient operational schemes and standards, we work tirelessly to maintain international recognition for our mark of quality service and customer satisfaction.

Ports and Cargo Handling Services was among the few terminal operators given concession to run ports in Nigeria in the light of government’s decision to build capacity in shipping through public – private sector partnership. The company commenced operations effectively on May 10, 2006 at Terminal C in Tin Can Island Port, Lagos, Nigeria. The terminal has four berths with a combined length of 795 meters and 13 meters draft and conveniently handles bulk/general cargo carriers, as well as container and RORO vessels.

Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited has completely changed the face of port terminal management in the country with its multi-million dollars investment in functional and modern cargo handling equipment including shore cranes, RTGs, terminal tractors, among others. There has also been a massive investment in the provision of other infrastructure at the terminal as well.

With other innovations like computerized container tracking and ship planning, the company has offered the port users excellent service that has turned the terminal to a port of first choice in Nigeria for vessel owners, ship agents, clearing agents, among others.

Some of its clients include Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Maersk, United Arab Shipping Company (UASC), MNM African Shipping Line, EuroAfrica Shipping Line, among others.

Terminal Storage Capacity



Full containers 14,000 TEUs

Full Export Containers 1,300 TEUs

Empty Export Containers 3,840 TEUs

Reefer Plus 102 units

Examination Area 300 TEUs

Scanning Yard 900 TEUs

General Cargo


Covered Area 3000 m2

Warehouse 720 m2

Open Space 600 m2

PCHS Company Service Tariff

Our rates are competitive among the terminal operators. Our clients have attested to the fact that we offer competitive prices which help them to maximize profit on their imports and exports.

The Ports and Cargo Company Service Tariff document lists all the approved charges, documents to be provided by shipping line, document submission time, among other relevant information.

PCHS Standard Operating Procedures

As a terminal that takes utmost interest in orderliness, we operate by strict set of guidelines that aid our day to day operations. These operation guidelines have helped in maximizing time for profitability for both the company and clients

This standard operating procedure document highlights the arrangement for vessel berths, vessel operations and discharge, vessel loading, gate operations procedures, container documentation and dispatch procedures.

Others include examination procedures, scanning procedures, procedures for general cargo documentation and dispatch, delivery, conditions report, container transfers, billing and documentation process.


The PCHS Quality Policy and Quality Objectives highlight the company’s commitment to enhancing and consolidating its position as a leader in providing global port operations and related services in the West African coast.



PCHS Equipment Profile

In order to deliver best value to our customers and clients, Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited has invested heavily in the acquisition of handling equipment.
We own world-class equipment that match up international standards.

Take a look at our equipment gallery

PCHS Human Capacity

At Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited, we believe that a good human capital is needed to keep us in the fore of our strategic business solution.

We have invested in the acquisition, training and retaining of competent manpower who are all committed to delivering best value to our various clients.

There is a mix of both foreign and local expertise in our workforce.For in-depth information on our human capacity, see our staff strengthn below:

Staff Strength

Permanent Staff Contract Staff Expatriate Casual Siwes Total

Ports & Cargo 377 112 4 Nil 1 494

Permanent Staff Contract Staff Expatriate Dock Worker Siwes Total

Stevedoring 19 1 Nil 309 Nil 329

Total 823