SIFAX Nigeria Limited

SIFAX Nigeria Limited is a holistic service provider company with expertise cutting across trade, marketing, global merchant representative, engineering services, project consulting services and many more.

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One of the flagship services the company provides is stevedoring. It operates a dynamic pool of well-trained dockworkers who are experts in the loading and discharge of a wide range of cargoes. The company has well trained technical staff in its arsenal that effectively operate heavy duty cranes, forklifts as well as other cargo-handling equipment.

SIFAX Nigeria Limited handles the stevedoring activities for one of the group’s subsidiaries, Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited. Its excellence performance has contributed significantly to the high rating of Ports & Cargo terminal in terms of quality service, especially quick vessel turnaround.

The Quality Policy and Quality Objectives highlight the SIFAX Nigeria Limited’s commitment to providing a quality service which consistently and continuously meets the requirements of our customers.