SIFAX Off Dock Nigeria Limited

SIFAX Off Dock Nigeria Limited operates the flagship off dock facilities of the Group. With the terminal located within two minutes’ drive from both the Apapa and Tin Can Island ports, SIFAX Off Dock Limited is strategically located and accessible to the major ports from where it easily receives cargo as a temporary hold and provides easy exit for custom-cleared cargoes to any part of the country.

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The enormous capacity of the facility has immensely supported the speedy decongestion of cargoes from the main ports in Lagos

The terminal occupies an area of 31,000 square metres with capacity to hold over 2,000 units of containers. This is one of the few terminals in Nigeria (both conventional and off dock) that has functional and effective reefer container storage facilities with 200 plug-in points (with room for further additions).

With a complement of well-trained workforce, which includes operations, technical and security personnel, and modern equipment and facilities like reach stackers and fork lifts, SIFAX Off Dock Limited is your go-to company in off dock services.