The Next Titan Reality Show Finalists Visit SIFAX Group

By admin | December 7th, 2015

The three finalists of the Next Titan reality show have paid a courtesy visit to SIFAX Group, one of the sponsors of the entrepreneur-focused programme. The finalists are Ogbeifun Iroghama, Olanrewaju Tinuade and Chukwuemeka Ejeke.

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The team was received at the comoany’s head office by Mr. Oliver Omajuwa, Head, Corporate Affairs/Marketing. They were conducted round the office before heading for Tin Can Island Port, Apapa; the operational base of Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited, one of SIFAX Group subsidiaries.

They were received at the terminal by Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, Group Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Mr. John R. Jenkins, MD, Ports & Cargo and Mr. Mohammed Mustafa, Head of Operations. The team was later conducted round the terminal before the visit was brought to a memorable close as the three (3) finalists and their coordinator were really impressed by the level of investment and sophistication of the operations at the terminal with gigantic equipment that most of them are seeing for the first time physically.

The CEO used the opportunity of the visit to share some of his success stories, challenges and personal philosophy with them. He harped on the need to be persistent in the face of challenges that would surely come as an entrepreneur.

The essence of this show is to bring out the laden entrepreneurial skills in young Nigerians and also encourage them to be innovative to contribute their quota to the development of Nigeria as a great nation instead of diverting their energies into unproductive ventures that will not do them or the nation any good.

SIFAX Group is always striving towards achieving excellence in all areas of their operations, identified with this programme because it tends to bring out the best of Nigerian youths and give them the necessary support towards achieving excellence in life to their personal benefits and total benefits of the nation, Nigeria.