SIFAX Group Trains 101 Staff in Q1

By sifaxadmin | April 19th, 2022

In fulfillment of its human capacity development programme, a total of 101 staff from various subsidiaries of SIFAX Group have undergone different trainings in the first quarter of 2022.

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The trainings focused on bespoke needs of the staff, including leadership competence, operations management, terminal traffic management, health, safety & environment, security, digital marketing and corporate governance.

Selected traffic managers from Ports and Cargo Handling Services (PCHS) were trained on terminal traffic management. The one-week training was aimed at providing attendees with practical skills that would enable them effectively and efficiently coordinate movement of people, vehicles and equipment within the terminal.

Operations staff from the same subsidiary were trained on current terminal operational skills, as well as an understanding of the importance of standards, robust processes and procedures and analysing the different elements of container terminal operations especially in understanding the full operational cycle of ship, yard and gate activities.

Dockworkers were trained on industrial health, safety and environmental (HSE) management. The HSE training was aimed at setting standards, reinforcing the importance of health and security management at the workplace as well as equipping the training participants with relevant tools to conduct assessment, evaluation and control of potential hazards in the terminal.

Security staff from different subsidiaries also completed a 3-day basic security course that was designed to provide critical understanding of their roles in achieving the company’s objectives.

Speaking on these trainings, Mr. Oluwakayode Alonge, Group Head, Human Resources, SIFAX Group, expressed his delight at management’s commitment to the company’s human capital development through the provision of quality training and refresher courses that would improve staff’s skills and competence and ultimately contribute to company’s business growth.

Chris Nnamuah, Learning & Development Manager, on his part, said the trainings were products of the Development Needs Assessment conducted recently to identify skill gaps in the company’s workforce.