SAHCO restrategises at 2020 management retreat

By | February 1st, 2020

The retreat which is a culture of the SAHCO Management team to withdraw at the beginning of the year with the sole purpose to strategize, plan for the year and to also proffer solutions to challenges that are faced by the organization, ensured that all the Executive and Middle Level Managers from all the SAHCO stations in Nigeria were in attendance.

The event started with an opening remark by the chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr Taiwo Afolabi (MON) who was represented by the SIFAX Group Managing Director, Adekunle Oyinloye, who expressed his pride at how well SAHCO has grown and all the success it has experienced in the past year.

He encouraged all the participants to open their mind to learn, unlearn and to relearn fresh insights and solutions and to also use the opportunity to bond with fellow colleagues who due to distance might not be seen around regularly.

He said despite the milestones being achieved by the company there is still room for more and that the Management team should not rest on its oars.

The Managing Director/ CEO of SAHCO, Basil Agboarumi, while presenting his opening speech reiterated that the successes of SAHCO is courtesy of the hard work and dedication of all the staff present and that he cannot emphasize his pride enough and that all hands must be on deck.

At the event, Resource personalities were also invited to speak on various topics in line with the theme and to also proffer solutions to challenges being faced by the organization.

The Resource Personalities included Olujimi Tewe, a seasoned career success catalyst and motivational speaker who spoke on ‘Leveraging Corporate Agility For Achieving Greater Heights’ pinpointed that leadership is the ability to get results through others and not the ability to get results by yourself. He encouraged all the participants to reproduce themselves through others and that each leader should have a Legacy mentality.

Another Speaker at the event was Dr Shogo, a career coach, who emphasized that Emotional Intelligence is a critical key to success and all leaders must be able to master this skill so as to enhance better collaboration among employees and to foster a happier workplace.

He went on to say that the role of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills cannot be overemphasized and that all these can distinguish SAHCO even more.

Jennifer Dafe, a Resource personality at the retreat enjoined participants to continue to foster the team spirit, diligence, loyalty, quality service delivery and innovative character that SAHCO is known for while being in tune with the latest improvement in Customer Service.

A discuss ensued after the speakers completed their lectures on what SAHCO does well as a company, what SAHCO should stop doing and what SAHCO should continue to do to achieve greater heights as an organisation.

As a further testament that SAHCO is exceptional in the aviation ground handling industry in Nigeria, Ethiopian Airlines moved its Kano ground handling contract to SAHCO, Virgin Atlantic also moved its Cargo operations to SAHCO, while TA-AG Angola a new airline to the shores of Nigeria made SAHCO its ground handling partner all in the space of one year.

SAHCO has witnessed the expansion of its export warehouse, constructed a transit warehouse amidst acquiring a fleet of ultra-modern equipment fitted with the latest technology, acquired Cargo scanning machines and Explosives Trace Detection machines to facilitate safe and efficient cargo handling services.

SAHCO has also been recertified in RA3 and ISAGO in her stations and has not relented in staff training and retraining in the past one year while giving opportunity for the team from the Engineering and Maintenance unit to build ground support equipment from locally sourced materials.

Since the Aviation Ground Handling business is about trust, SAHCO is poised to reach for the highest position of safety, professionalism, reliability, efficiency and integrity by relying on the power of unity and team work so as to exceed the expectations of the Board, shareholders and clients.

Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC is an aviation ground handling company that is present in all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria, involved in Passenger Handling, Ramp Handling, Cargo and Warehousing, VIP Lounge services and Crew Administration.