MNM Shipping Line Debuts, Appoints SIFAX Group as Agent in Nigeria, Ghana

By admin | December 7th, 2015

The first privately-owned African shipping line, MNM African Shipping Line, has commenced operations and appointed two subsidiaries of SIFAX Group, SIFAX Shipping Nigeria Limited and SIFAX Ghana Limited as its official agents in Nigeria and Ghana respectively.

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The new shipping line, which made its first call at Barcelona port last week with “Orient Spirit” vessel, has begun a fortnightly shipping service that will service ports in Southern Europe, Morocco and the West Coast of Africa.

Some of the ports that the new line, which is the only African container line, would be servicing include those of Barcelona, ​​Sagunto, Tangier, Casablanca, Agadir, Nouakchott, Dakar, Conakry, Lagos, Tema and Abidjan.

The creation of MNM African Shipping Line, which is based in Tangier, Morocco, has meant the emergence of a new actor on the African maritime and logistics landscape, which aims to respond to international trade in Morocco and West Africa countries.

To take advantage of the experience of SIFAX Group across the West Coast, particularly in Nigeria and Ghana, the new line has formed a partnership with the organization, which would serve as its agents both in Nigeria and Ghana.

Speaking on the relationship with SIFAX Group, Mr. Manal Guemmah, MNM’s Director of Commercial and Marketing, said the appointment further validates the experience, integrity and high business rating that it enjoys in its areas of operations.

He said: “MNM’s market entry strategy involves forming alliances with organizations and businesses that share similar business vision and philosophy with our company. SIFAX Group has distinguished itself in Nigeria’s maritime industry for about three decades. Its experience is solid while its drive for excellence and success is inspiring. We are highly privileged to enter into this partnership with SIFAX Group both in Ghana and Nigeria.”

On his own part, the Head Shipping, SIFAX Group, Mr. Henry Ajoh, expressed the readiness of the company to deliver the excellent value that has become its trade mark over the years.

“This partnership with MNM will deepen our participation and contribution in facilitating international trade across Africa and Europe. We have been deploying all our resources and expertise to make the business venture a massive success. We have had extensive discussions with importers, exporters, local agents, government agencies in order to achieve all set objectives,” he said.

The vessel, Orient Spirit, is expected to make its first call in Lagos at the Terminal C of the Tin Can Island Port on May 8, 2015.